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      October 1 – October 31, 2005: Exhibition „L´Air“, 2éme festival international de photographies à la Seyne-sur-Mer, Villa Tamaris, Centre d´ Art, 83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer, France.

      October 2005 National Geographic Magazine: „Cruelest Place on Earth: Africa's Desert Danakil“ The resouces needed to sustain life are scarce in the hottest desert on Earth located in Norteastern Ethiopia. Here, in the upper Rift Valley spotted with active volcanoes and hostile salt flats, the Afar people lead an incredible struggle for survival.

      September 2005 National Geographic Magazine: The mysterious Hands of Borneo. In the cave systems of remote cone karst regions in Kalimantan explorers discover 10,000 year old cave paintings, which might be connected with shamanistic rituals. One of the large format stone age galleries is online here.

      2005 Photography annual Communication Arts Award presented to Carsten Peter for his Tornado coverage for National Geographic.

      May 2005: National Geographic Adventure: „Point, Shoot and Know When to Run! The Spectacular, Dangerous Photography of Carsten Peter.

      April 28, 2005 through May 29, 2005 the tornado images of Carsten Peter are exhibited in the World Press Photo-Exhibition in Hamburg (Publishing house Gruner+Jahr, Am Baumwall 11)

      April 2005: World Press Award, 1. prize nature photo series, Carsten Peter, Germany, coverage for National Geographic Magazine (close up encounters with tornados). The exhibition tours worldwide through 85 cities.

      Till April: „The 77 best pictures of great adventure“ of National Geographic. The collector’s edition “exploration” shows the most exiting National Geographic expeditions. Seven of 77 pictures are from Carsten Peter published with some of his quotes. Five of his wallpapers are for download here>>.

      March 24, 2005: „Mont Blanc - Gefahr im Gletscher“ (Mont Blanc, danger in the glacier) aired in ARD, Germany. International HDTV-film-production (Japan NHK), USA (WGBH/NOVA), Frankreich (France 5 / Gedeon), Großbritannien (Channel 5) and Germany (ARD) with exclusive images from inside glaciers. Carsten Peter dives into waterfilled ice caves in the Mer de Glace with his team (Luc Moreau, Stefan Rieder, Marc Schauder).

      January 2005:
Collectors Edition Vol. 9: Pictures of the year 2004 with the most spectacular photographs of National Geographic. Find Carsten Peter’s images and a special multimedia contribution in sights and sounds „Chasing Tornadoes“.

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