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National Geographic       22./23. November
National Geographic's radio program, NG Weekend, aires an interview with Carsten Peter about his challenging photography of the giant Crystal Cave in Naica, Mexico. The program is hosted by Boyd Matson and is broadcasted on 125 stations, terrestrial and cable.

National Geographic       Chasing StormsNovember:
National Geographic Magazine: Crystal Palace.
Cavers confront in Mexico extreme conditions and extraordinary beauty: The Naica caves are unique in the world, not only that they inherit the biggest crystals on earth, so called megacrystals. The conditions to explore are also exceptional: More than 111° Fahrenheit (44°C) and a humidity ranging from 80 to 100% get you fast in the vicinity of a heatstroke. These circumstances demand a huge infrastructure like newly developed cooling suits. A close collaboration with Speleoresearch & Film and La Venta was essential for the success of this extreme photo coverage as well as more than my bodyweight of sweat. Read and see more about this incredible jewel in the November issue of National Geographic.

Slide show here >>   Video here >>
Crystal Cave Slideshow  
Crystal Cave Video

National Geographic Channel       Monday, 17th November, 10:00pm ET, Expedition Week
October 12th, Sunday, 9 pm, ET/PT
National Geographic Channel: Cave of the Crystal Giants. Get a taste of these incredible caves and check out the November issue of National Geographic Magazine.

National Geographic       October:
1888 – 2008, 120 years of National Geographic Society. National Geographic France with the title „120 Ans D’Aventures“ – 120 years of adventure: „Les expéditions les plus marquantes“ – the most outstanding expeditions. „Ces explorateurs qui défient l’impossible“ – explorers who defy the impossible. Que reste-t-il à découvrir? – what remains to be discovered? Carsten Peter is specially featured in a six-page story as „Photographe de L’Extrême“ – the photographer of the extreme.

National Geographic       September:
India, Mizoram. Sangzuala Hmar portraits Carsten Peter for the magazine Lunglen. What a rare opportunity for those who speak Mizo. They may share inside views, how Carsten Peter works in the field. PDF >>

The Field Mudeum       Chasing Storms May 23rd, 2008 – January 4th, 2009 Exhibition
The Field Museum, Chicago, IL, USA:
Nature Unleashed - Inside natural disasters
. Get inside a tornado! The breathtaking video footage of Tim Samaras’ media probe runs in a 360° - installation. It gives you the impression you are sitting in his armored housing and are run over by a F1 tornado at Stormlake / Iowa. You will also see large format tornado prints of Carsten Peter.

CTT       Stamp Planeta TerraMarch 2008
Portugal stamp series Planeta Terra referring to the international year of the earth’s planet – the 0,61€ stamp shows Carsten Peter’s volcano image of Etna’s violent eruption in 2001.


March 2008
National Geographic Kids: Dare to Explore.
Do you have what it takes to be a great explorer? Read the stories of seven famous explorers, and see how you can get started on the same path. Not missing here: …. the extreme photographer... Guess who it is.

Palazzo delle esposizioni      

February 16th – March 30th Exhibition
Rome, Italy: Palazzo delle Esposizioni: The UN, with the support of UNESCO and the IUGS (International Union of Geological Science), has proclaimed 2008 the “international year of the Planet Earth”, what inspired National Geographic Italy for its group exhibition of 39 most outstanding photographers: AquaAriaFuocoTerra, (Water Air Fire Earth) curated by Guglielmo Pepe.

National Geographic      

National Geographic Magazine launched its „white pages“ (, a well designed website with a clean look, with world class photography and always with surprising views. It is worth a click!

And you may discover Carsten Peter related contributions: Find below the best of 1000 links:

Deep into the land of extremes: Probing Chile's Wild Coast:
about the speleological exploration of a remote, unknown, and rugged limestone island.
Hands Across Time: Exploring the Rock Art of Borneo.
Russia's Frozen Inferno: An expedition into the volcano dotted peninsula of Kamtchatka.
But find out more about National Geographic photographer Carsten Peter's biography and photos in the photography section of
A Carsten Peter Portrait in National Geographic adventure.
Try to go to hell: Into the active vents of Volcanoes of the South Pacific ring of fire in Vanuatu.
Enjoy the strangest volcano on earth: Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania.
Survive the Sahara with a caravan of camels: Fifteen-hundred miles (2,400 kilometers) of heat, cold, hunger, and evil spirits. The team's only hope: their steadfast camels.
Chase Tornadoes: Stalking the funnel clouds that rip through America's heartland, a National Geographic team gets in close for a terrifying look at the workings of the deadly storms.
Enjoy the Multimedia piece about tornadoes.
Or check out this version of deep into the land of extremes, probing Chile's wild coast.
Be on the cruelest place on earth: Africa’s Danakil desert in Northern Ethiopia.
Ignite Mount Etna in Sicily.
Explore the rock arts in Borneo in this version with an interactive panorama image, which shows any details.
Venture again to the Kamtchatka Volcanoes here.
Or download wallpapers in the „Best of Exploration“ in the special issue.


9th. January till 9th. February
Berlin, Merseburger Str. 14: Countdown for the exhibition „Erdgewalten“ (power of earth) in the Galerie Gondwana.
The fiery power will be in eruption till February 9th. You may purchase high quality prints also later here >>.


January 2008
National Geographic Poland: „Into the heart of glaciers“ is considered as one of the milestones stories characterizing the most spectacular moments in history of National Geographic Society. Read more about milestone stories and Carsten Peter in the polish January issue of National Geographic.

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